About Us

About LOLA

Lola.com.mm is a place where customer can buy product from Fashion, Clothing , Electronic , Healthy & Beauty , Babies Essential, Home Appliances and Groceries from various seller. 

Our mission is to bring the trending & quality products to our customers. Just one click, customer will be able to find the product that they wish and want from dynamic sellers and customer can even compare the prices that different sellers offers.

Lola is  collaborating and partnering with brands official store in order to create the best product selections to our customers.

Moreover, we also help retailer established another new sales channel by listing and selling their products through www.lola.com.mm and giving them the authority to manage their page and product availability. This gave our seller a true meaning of entrepreneurship as they enter into our dynamic & high performing online platform.

More over, due to the participation of authorised distributors & manufacture , customer can buy groceries in bulk quantity to save more. 

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Quality & Value

Customer Satisfaction


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            LOLA Mission

            Our mission is to bring the trending & quality products to our customers

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            LOLA Vision

            To be the most trusted online platform for Customers & Sellers

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            Why Shop at LOLA?

            • Convenience

            • Variety of Seller 

            • Extensive Product Selections

            • On Time Delivery

            • Save Time & Money

            Why Sell at LOLA?

            • Low cost to build a new sales channel  

            • Integrated Sales & Marketing Support

            • Grater Sales Potential & Growth with wider market coverage

            • Systematic Selling with LOLA system for new product & availability updates 

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            You can compare max 4 products.