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Two-phase make-up remover enriched with an oleo-clean complex to instantly remove all eye make-up, even waterproof.

Fortifying serum phase contains a stimulating peptide and a protein booster, to visibly reduce signs of fatigue in the eye area and fortify lashes.

Ophthalmologically tested. 110 ml.

37,000.00 Ks
37000.0 MMK
Contains hyaluronic acid for a younger looking skin. Use in the morning and/or evening.
Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage onto wet skin.

150ml - 5.1 fl.oz

32,500.00 Ks
32500.0 MMK
/ Rich in collagen and elastin to moisturize and smooth the features.

/ Enriched with rhamnose polysaccharide to soothe redness, brighten the complexion and reveal radiance.

/ It also includes a powerful moisturizing active ingredient to restore suppleness and softness of the skin.

Smooth cream texture for a unique and relaxing experience. 50ml
71,000.00 Ks
71000.0 MMK
Step 1: New-skin revealing scrub Massage gently on a clean face: perlite spheres gently exfoliate the skin while a proteolitic enzyme boosts skin desquamation for an intensive new-skin effect.

Step 2: Pro-youth bubbling mask When the scrub is completed, leave on the texture transforms into an active mousse. Micro-bubbles of oxygen are released to enable suffocated skin to breathe. When the bubbles have disappeared, it is time to rinse off.

A unique texture that transforms when in contact with skin. 55 ml - 1.86 fl.oz
68,000.00 Ks
68000.0 MMK
How to repair and nourish lips to remove cracks and restore their original volume? The ultimate solution by Laboratoires Filorga, an innovative multi-active product to deliver three key actions.

/ Nourishing and repairing : a duo of highly nourishing oils and repairing shea butter nourish, restore and protect damaged lips.

/ Plumping and smoothing : a peptide collagen booster smooths the lips, restoring natural plumpness and redefining the lip contours.

/ Revitalising radiance : NCTF®a cocktail of revitalising active ingredients, in combination with a radiance boosting active ingredient, instantly revives the natural colour of the lips.

Lips are immediately comforted and regain their natural brightness. Day after day the lips become smoother and plumper the results are visible and long lasting.

Non-sticky oil+balm texture. 4g
37,000.00 Ks
37000.0 MMK
This repairing skincare with a comforting texture combines:
- a complex rich in soothing rhamnose to calm sensations of irritation.
- a urea derivative enriched with encapsulated hyaluronic acid for lasting hydration.

Non-oily light cream texture – ultra comforting. 40ml / 1.35 fl.oz.
49,000.00 Ks
49000.0 MMK

Concentrate of effectiveness: Pure and ultra-concentrated vitamin C (8%), in an airtight and light-resistant packaging to make sure its properties are preserved until use.

Radiance booster: Recognized for its antioxidant action, vitamin C boosts collagen production and skin radiance.

Pro-youth action: Enriched with ultra-moisturizing polysaccharides.

Serum texture. 3 bottles of 10 ml.
91,000.00 Ks
91000.0 MMK
/ Dark circles: A (matrikines + chrysin) complex fosters the elimination of pigmented residue to reduce the color of dark circles.

/ Puffiness: Powerful peptides act on microcirculation to decrease the volume of under-eye bags.

Wrinkles: A trio of smoothing active ingredients containing hesperidin to remove creases from the eye area.

Fresh, melting and moisturizing texture - can be refrigerated. 15ml.
65,000.00 Ks
65000.0 MMK
/ Ultimate youth [WRINKLES+LIFT]: A peptide base combination of ingredients helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area. In addition, a duo of plant extracts acts to visually firm the upper eyelids to reveal a fresh/a reawakened and lifted look.

/ Revitalizing effect [DARK CIRCLES+PUFFINESS]: A combination of ingredients rich in metalloproteins helps diminish the appearance of dark-circles and puffiness.

/ Instant eye-beauty [RADIANCE+EYELASHES]: A white pearl extract profuse in micronutrients is associated with soft-focus agents to reflect light for a visibly radiant eye area. In addition, an isoflavone complex boosts eye-lashes to make them look visibly densified.

Cryo texture, instant cold and comfort effect. 15 ML - 0.5 FL.OZ
117,000.00 Ks
117000.0 MMK
/ Accelerated multi-corrector: Extremozymes® are enzymes capable to transform UV and infrared rays we are exposed to every day, into energy. They boost all of the cellular functions slowed down by the ageing process, working as an anti-ageing multi-corrector.

/ Long-lasting anti-age repair: Photolyase, a restorative enzyme activated by daylight, stimulates the mechanisms which restore DNA to repair the harmful effects of ageing and stop the skin’s ageing process at its source.

/ An oustanding glow: an extract rich in detoxifying fructans, which purify the complexion, associated to white sapphire that captures light to reveal a radiant skin.

/ Absolute hydration: unique, highly-moisturising and plumping luminescent texture, enriched with hyaluronic acid and NCTF®.

50 ml.
176,000.00 Ks
176000.0 MMK
The formula contains NCTF®, a unique polyrevitalizing complex developed by Laboratoires FILORGA ̶ the 1st French laboratory(2) in aesthetic medicine integrated for the first time at a concentration equivalent to a meso-injection(1).

OVER-ACTIVE CORRECTION [WRINKLES - FIRMNESS - RADIANCE]: Renowned active ingredients in the fight against aging [hyaluronic acid + collagen + vitamins A, H and E] combined with effectiveness boosters that act simultaneously to smooth wrinkles, reduce skin sagging and even out the complexion.

Lightweight texture with a perfecting complex [mattity + pores] - Matte finish. 50ml.
120,000.00 Ks
120000.0 MMK
The formula contains NCTF®, a unique polyrevitalizing complex developed by Laboratoires FILORGA ̶ the 1st French laboratory(2) in aesthetic medicine integrated for the first time at a concentration equivalent to a meso-injection(1).

/ OVER-ACTIVE CORRECTION [WRINKLES - FIRMNESS - RADIANCE]: The power of Retinol combined with Vitamin C + plant DNA complex for visibly rejuvenated skin.

Ultra-light texture, high absorption. 30ml.
120,000.00 Ks
120000.0 MMK
NCTF-REVERSE® the intensive cellular anti-ageing by Laboratoires FILORGA : 4 regenerating care products that each contains the equivalent of one professional injection of NCTF(1). NCTF-ESSENCE®, a new step to prepare the skin to receive skincare product. Apply right after make-up removal and before serum.

/ Moisturising concentrate : Using water sensors, AQUA-MX technology provides express and long-lasting hydration in just 30 min.

/ Skin booster effect : le NCTF® combined with an anti-pollution polysaccharide regenerates and reveals radiance in dull complexions and prepares the skin for products to follow.

67,000.00 Ks
67000.0 MMK
/ Firmness: A blend of NCTF®and a peptide collagen acid boosts the production of skin support fibres.

/ Volume: A structure-restoring active ingredient targets the cells responsible for increasing density, which visibly plumps up areas of the face that appear hollow.

/ Visible lift: An active ingredient with a "stretch" effect instantly tightens the skin structure and redefines facial contours.
89,000.00 Ks
89000.0 MMK
/ Hyaluronic acid works in synergy with a peptide, a precursor of laminin 5, to strengthen the dermo-epidermal junction.
/ A regenerating complex stimulates collagen production to deliver a sensation of instant firming support.

/ Polyrevitalizing complex NCTF® preserves tissue firmness.
50 ml.
Apply FILORGA Iso-Structure morning and evening to the face, neck and décolleté, after first washing thoroughly. Apply directly to the skin, or over your usual Filorga serum. Massage in using the fingertips.
89,000.00 Ks
89000.0 MMK
/ Fine lines & skin texture : A trio of active
ingredients, skin booster + peeling-like
ingredient + NCTF®, restores cellular communication and stimulates skin renewal for a smoother texture.

/ Pores & shine: An astringent active
ingredient reduces pores and gives the
skin a lasting matt finish.

/ Healthy glow: A plant-based active
ingredient reacts in harmony with the skin to create a natural-looking golden glow.

Skin is instantly transformed, looking and feeling younger day after day.

85,000.00 Ks
85000.0 MMK
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